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Problem Set 9 - HPM 340 Foundations of Health Care...

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HPM 340: Foundations of Health Care Financial Management Fall 2009 Problem Set 9 1. Name the four major budgets and describe (briefly) the information provided in each one. 2. Great Smiles dental clinic has made the following assumptions related to its 2009 budget. Total number of expected visits 2,580 Payer Mix Medicaid 95% Self-pay 5% Visit Type Initial 50% Follow-up 20% Complex 30% Reimbursement Rates Medicaid (per visit) Initial $43.00 Follow-up 35.00 Complex 150.00 Self-pay Initial $ 8.60 Follow-up 7.00 Complex 30.00 Variable Resource Requirements Supplies Initial 5 units per visit Follow-up 1 unit per visit Complex 10 units per visit Cost of Supplies $3.00 per unit Fixed Costs $120,000 per year Prepare the 2009 annual operating budget for Great Smiles dental clinic.
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3. Monthly billings for Triangle Pediatrics are shown in the table below. Cash collections on Triangle Pediatrics’ billings are as follows: 5% of billings collected within 30 days; 70% of billings collected in 30-60 days; 25% of billings collected in 60-90 days. What
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Problem Set 9 - HPM 340 Foundations of Health Care...

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