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Sergio Barraza Introduction to Comparative Literature Week 4 The idea of an author being a lens through which one views a piece of writing is an interesting concept. The idea is that the name of an author automatically carries weight, which is therefore sometimes burdensome to the actual text. For example, since Cavafy is known as a queer poet, how much of queer theory makes its way into a reading of a poem is dependant on the fact that the analyzer 1) knows something about Cavafy’s life and 2) that Cavafy’s name itself holds an imagine that automatically produces a sort of prejudice for the text. The problem with this is that when one does not question the author, it seems that many of the values promoted by the text are uncontested or attributed to some sort of personal experience. In other words, if I read a book about how the Soviet Union was had no redeeming qualities, I can analyze the methods of discourse and reason. Does it matter that the author was a son of Polish immigrants
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