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Paul Havas Economics of Gender Professor Mammen 2/17/10 Discussion Questions 4 1. Initially, Hekker wrote an Op-Ed article about the long line of women she had come from and how that group of women had a definite sense of fulfillment as homemakers. She mentions how "no one had explained to us that the only work worth doing is that for which you get paid." Essentially, she had the mindset that non-paid homemaking work was very rewarding, however, at this stage in her life where she stands without a job, single and qualified for food stamps, she realizes that paid work is now a lot more important than she used to think. 2. The strategies women use to cope with their financial woes after divorce, Kurz states are: Receiving family aid, second jobs, Social Welfare Programs and subsidized housing. 3. Men go to great lengths avoid paying child support, they will quit their jobs or
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Unformatted text preview: work resulting in less income, change jobs so they can stay ahead of the court system, having their employers misreport their number of hours worked, and sometimes even work strictly for illegal cash businesses. Additionally family court is time consuming for the women and therefore they may be less likely to pursue child support claims. 4. In the Parker-Pope article the study’s results showed that people who were divorced or widowed and then subsequently remarried correlated with an improvement in health relative to those who remained unmarried. Regardless, they never completely recover from the physical declines associated with marital loss. 12% more chronic health problems and 19% more mobility problems are experienced as opposed to people who have been continuously married....
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