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McD/BK Case Study Please Read “Burger King Corp” and “McDonald’s Corp (Condensed)” in the course packet. These two cases allow you to examine in detail two contrasting operating systems in the same industry. You will have an opportunity to identify the major operational choices made, and more importantly, to relate them to each other, assessing which decisions are influence by others and how each operating system related to the company’s strategy. Since the factual comparison is easy, the emphasis should be on evaluation rather than diagnosis. Please Include Solutions to the Following Questions in Your Case Study:
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Unformatted text preview: A) Draw the process flow diagrams for both companies (emphasizing major operations). B) What are the 2 major operational differences between McDonald’s and Burger King? C) How does the management of operations at each company related to its methods of competing in the market place? What are the implications for the future of each company? D) Analyze the peak hourly capacity vs. Peak hourly demand for burger patties. Can McDonald’s and/or Burger King produce enough burgers? TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT, YOU MUST SHOW YOUR CALCULATIONS IN THE APPENDIX OF YOUR REPORT....
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