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Andrea Folds February 20, 2010 Outline for Economic History of Latin America The Violent Ripples of Coca Production in Colombia and America’s Colonial Policy I. The enormous international market for coca has extensively shaped the Colombia economy in various ways, and the country’s current explosions of violence and conflict are inextricably linked to coca production. Coca cartels haven’t so much created new conflicts and tensions as exacerbated cracks that were already in the system to the point of breaking. The ways in which the United States is dealing with this can be interpreted as echoes of colonialism in the 21 st century. II. Current perception of coca production A. Little understood because of solely empirical evidence examination 1. Hollywood portrayal 2. Paradox of which came first, corruption/violence or drug trade B. Seen as something to keep out with borders rather than target at source 1. U.S. market needs to be addressed just as much as Colombian 2. Inability of government to do anything misperceived as unwillingness to act III. Attempts to develop other economic sectors A. Failure of agrarian reform efforts 1. 1960s turmoil and crop decline 2. Poor farmers had to turn to coca B. Mercurial rise and fall of amid 20 th century economy 1. La violencia and associated politicians 2. Early entrepreneurial hardships
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C. Leftist intervention 1. Protected coca farmers from government and military 2. Formed quasi states IV. Existing conditions and political turmoil set stage A. Drug boom in 70s didn’t really create conflict, just worsened it B. Government failed to maintain balanced economy 1. Long-standing violence between security forces and rebels 2. Influence of leftist groups on poor majority D. Ideal physical location for drug trade 1. Adjacent to major coca growers and access to Caribbean, central America, panama which was lots of money laundering 2. Amazon masks laboratories V. Economic policies that have created imbalanced market A. Government failing to address the situation 1. Government officials making policy are extremely disconnected from those affected
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Paper_Outline - Andrea Folds February 20, 2010 Outline for...

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