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sadf - extensively within the United States the Midwest was...

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Father Jacques Marquette discovered people and places beyond his comfort zone, interacted with them, and from this experience he learned and grew. He took this knowledge and shared it with others, enriching their lives and enlightening them. This is exactly the role a university must fill today: it should provide different and diversified experiences and viewpoints, in the lecture hall and out of it. Through experiencing different cultures, students learn from students as well as professors, and gain a more complete education. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, more than 500 miles away from Marquette. Before I came to campus, the only Great Lake I’d ever seen was Lake Erie, and while I’ve traveled
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Unformatted text preview: extensively within the United States, the Midwest was little-known to me. Apart from its different geographical location, my hometown has offered me a different perspective growing up on the East Coast, a place with a different culture from the Midwest, giving me the opportunity to share my different customs and traditions with students at Marquette from bordering Midwestern states. Through this exchange of ideas, we can both learn and grow. Through meeting other students at Marquette from all across the United States and the world, I can expand my horizons through learning about others cultures while at the same time; share my culture and traditions with others....
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