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statement of purpose final - Statement of Purpose...

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Statement of Purpose Admittance to PII is important to me for many reasons. Firstly, it would enable me to study Japanese in its cultural context. Learning Japanese in a Columbia University classroom has been an exciting and challenging experience for me. However, because of the inextricable linkage between language and culture, I believe that studying it in an immersive environment would enlarge and deepen my understanding immeasurably. As a child, I often stayed with my Japanese grandfather in New York City, where he worked for the United Nations. He spoke fluent English and allowed me to speak that tongue in his house. Nonetheless, I learned to say j i S Dand i S d because he didn't feel like there were true English equivalents. These words gave a sense of peace and tradition to my days with him, conveying something to me of the rhythms of courtesy and societal connection that underlies so much of his language and culture. Now, as a young adult actually learning to speak Japanese I am even more convinced that although there are many words that can be literally translated, the vocabulary and grammar are imbued by the flow and sense of the values and history
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statement of purpose final - Statement of Purpose...

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