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Version Date – February 2, 2010 Subject to Revision Syllabus - Spring 2010 IEOR E4550.001 ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS CREATION FOR ENGINEERS Wednesdays, 4:10 – 6:40 p.m. Professor David A. Gulley, Ph.D. Contact Details: Columbia: Email: [email protected] Navigant Consulting: Tel. 646.227.4249 Email: [email protected] Course Readings 1. Textbook: Dorf and Byers, 2008 or 2010, Technology Ventures – From Idea to Enterprise, McGraw-Hill 2. Supplemental Readings: To be assigned. Introduction The student approaching a first course in Entrepreneurship may bring with him or her a few expectations about the subject itself – and also about how it might be presented from the platform of a university course in engineering and applied science. To begin with, what does the word “entrepreneur” mean to you? Is it just a fancy synonym for “businessman” (or woman)? Is “business innovator” nearer the mark? How about “risk- taker”? Would you go so far as “rule breaker”? How about “scientist or engineer who built a business”? And as for a course in “entrepreneurship”, what is the proper balance of emphasis among knowledge, skills, and tools? This course is based on the premise that each student will have his or her own ideas on the subject and his or her personal goals and ambitions, and that by addressing each other’s agenda, the classroom experience is enriched for all. The course is also premised on the idea that what “entrepreneurship” means to you today, and what information is most vital to your next several years’ of professional experience, will be different than what you would like or need to know about entrepreneurship a little later in your career. Sometimes this class may seem like a bus, and sometimes more like a taxi – we will take 1
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a route that is sure to cover various destination points, but there is also room in the course for you to decide where you want to go, and even how you’d like to get there. Moving from generalities to specifics, the course will cover specific themes: 1. The external environment of a business, such as: Markets, customers, suppliers, investors, regulatory and legal framework, and financial foundations. 2. The internal environment of a business, such as: Organizational forms and processes, business ethics and law, and organizational life as an employee and as a manager, supervisor, and ultimately, business leader. 3.
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Syllabus_(Feb_2) - Version Date February 2 2010 Subject to...

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