5th - 1ANNOUNCEMENT-QUIZ 1. There will be a 15 minute quiz...

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1 ANNOUNCEMENT-QUIZ 1. There will be a 15 minute quiz on the material covered in the 3 rd and 4 th week’s assignments. I will open it up Friday, October 23, at 6 pm and keep it open through Tuesday night, October 27, 11 PM. 2. Please don’t be concerned if I did not respond to your post last week. If you posted late in the week, it was probably because you had more or less repeated what had already gone before you. I am certainly not suggesting that you merely copies what your classmates had previously posted as I know that many of you could come to the same conclusions regarding the important questions. You will notice that my questions below probably match some of the ones you already posted. I think the real value in last week’s exercise is to stimulate you to think about real life situations rather than get too involved with the law of this class. I call that “counseling” and feel it is a very important part of what I am trying to teach. Four Questions-Lecture-5th week I thought that you would all appreciate the four questions that I would pose to a prospective client if I were limited to that (and time is always a concern): 1. "Mr. PROSPECTIVE client, before we begin, do you have any specific questions or concerns for me?" This question breaks the ice immediately and allows the client to relax as he knows that you are interested in him or her and what may or may not be bothering him or her. You also gain much information voluntarily without having to ask a lot of detailed questions later. By listening closely, the clients' objectives and concerns are expressed in their own words (I have always hated form questionnaires anyway!). The client is then more willing to allow you to control the rest of the interview which you must do at some point. Remember, the operative word in my example was "prospective" client. We need to convince the "prospective" client that he or she must become a real client (fee-paying or commission generating).
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5th - 1ANNOUNCEMENT-QUIZ 1. There will be a 15 minute quiz...

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