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Lecture-6th week-Announcements 1. You should have started your reading of Chapter 7, “Transfers During Life & At Death”. 2. As a discussion topic this week, I am posting my response to the question posed for last week. Your assignment this week is to agree or disagree with/critique my answer. This may include correcting/adding/ changing/disagreeing/yadayadayada with my answer. Your grade has nothing to do with whether or not you buy my solutions.:) LECTURE-6th WEEK This chapter is relatively straightforward, and I have little to add to the substance of the text which you should understand both for testing in this class and the CFP exam. Common sense generally rules. A transfer during life for consideration (something of value) is generally a non-event for estate and gift taxation. This is because the transferor is receiving back the same value as that which he/she transferred. No gift there. Transfers for less than adequate consideration are hybrids. They are considered
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