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Partnership Tax Class 1 Lecture Notes 1) Introduction a) My name is Mark Hoose, and I can be contacted by the following means i) Telephone – 626-319-0714 ii) E-mail: [email protected] . b) Administration i) This class is called Partnership Taxation (1) I will discuss objectives below ii) Book the required book is The Logic of Subchapter K – here’s a link to a newer version of this great book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0314153128/qid=1144692326/sr=2-2/ref=pd_bbs_b_2_2/104- iii) I also recommend a few books: (1) Partnership Income Taxation,4th (a) The notes may periodically refer to particular chapters of this book (for your convenience only) (2) you also may want access to internal revenue code, at least the relevant sections (a) I have placed a link to a free, evidently updated Code under the External Links tab on our blackboard site (3) Also, I recommend the Partnership Taxation “in a nutshell” book – details listed on the syllabus iv) Syllabus – is posted on our course site, under “Course Documents” tab v) Timing (1) Our class will last for 11 “real” weeks, with 10 topics handled and one week for the MidTerm examination; we will handle one topic each week (2) Weeks will begin on Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. California time and end at 8:59 a.m the following Wednesday, when a new week begins vi) GRADES (1) 10% participation, 45% Mid-Term exam, 45% Final exam (a) 200 points in total (i) 90 for each exam (for a total of 180) (ii) 20 for participation – 2 points per week over 10 weeks 1. please don’t fret about participation grade – good faith effort to answer the hypos and make comments/outlines, or ask questions, will likely result in full participation credit! (2) Specifically, your grade will be composed of the following items: (a) Mid-Term Exam – will occur sometime the week of Nov. 4; details to follow (might be problem based, or maybe multiple choice – still determining this; in past, it was problem-based) (b) Final Exam – will occur some time the week of Dec. 9 – details to follow, but will likely follow same format as the mid-term. (i) The final will NOT be cumulative – it will only cover material since the midterm exam (c) Participation – 10% of the grade, which will be determined in my sole discretion, based on your participation in class, reflected by at least 2 postings a week (one of which must be posted between Wednesday morning and Monday morning), consisting of: (i) at least one posting with questions or comments on the material, or an outline of your thoughts on the material ( and I highly recommend making one of your posts a brief outline, which will help you comprehend the material), which will earn one point, AND (ii) one posting with a good faith effort to answer to the hypotheticals that will be listed at the end of each week’s lecture notes ( any good faith effort will earn one point
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UCLAOLPSclassnotes1 - Partnership Tax Class 1 Lecture Notes...

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