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ASSIGNMENT 1 By Matthias Bolda 1) a) A’s will receive reduced SS-benefits b) Either he elects to retire or not? If he retires and works after retirement, there are certain income-limits which can cause some loss of benefits. 2) He will loose 5/9 of a percent for the first 36 month and 5/12 of a percent for each month after. 3) She isn’t entitled to any benefits because she is not 62 or over or has a child in care under age 16 (their children are married and therefore older?) 4) She will be eligible for full benefits – without further information no exact amount can be
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Unformatted text preview: determined. 5) She will have no loss of benefits, because she attained normal retirement age before starting her freelancing. 6) Assuming G was not disabled in any way, there are no benefits available to F. 7) The surviving child’s benefit is equal to 75% of Mary’s PIA. 8) Federal employees hired before 1984 are excluded from SS-coverage. 9) Assuming I is under age 65 he is eligible for 100% of his PIA. If his divorced wife is caring for the child 50% of his PIA are available....
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