cassiodorus 485 585 cassiodorus vivarium monastery

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Unformatted text preview: a successful career in Constantinople (537-54) seeking Greek wisdom Vivarium (?) Cassiodorus (485-585) Cassiodorus Vivarium monastery library Greek books from the East Foundations (Institutiones) Christian education encyclopedias and digests seven liberal arts seven liberal arts seven trivium (speech) grammar, rhetoric, dialectic quadrivium (calculation) arithmetic, geometry, music, arithmetic, astronomy Boethius (475-526) Boethius philosopher translator and commentator Plato and Aristotle orthodox Catholic politician Boethius (475-526) Boethius born c. 475 Romulus Augustulus deposed Romulus 476 476 Boethius (475-526) Boethius executed c. 526 Theoderic dies 526 West v East Ostrogoth v Greek Arian v Catholic Justinian invades, 535 Boethius (475-526) Boethius executed by Theoderic Consolation of Philosophy project cut short most of Aristotle’s logic short theological works last great Roman thinker? first great medieval thinker? Christian and pagan intellectuals Proclus (412-85) Proclus theologized NeoPlatonism Dionysius the Areopagite (V-VI) NeoPlatonized Christianity intricate theological intricate metaphysics metaphysics negative theology Christians against Christians Christians orthodoxy right belief heresy wrong belief philosophy clarifies dogma justifies dogma refutes dogma John Philoponus (490-570) John Alexandria neoplatonizing Aristotelian anti-Aristotelian monophysite Christian monophysitism monophysitism one-nature-ism Scripture: Christ is man and Scripture: God God orthodoxy: human & divine orthodoxy: natures natures heresy: divine nature only Council of Chalcedon, 451 Council John Philoponus (490-570) John anti-paganism in philosophy On the Eternity of the World Against Proclus On the Eternity of the World Against Aristotle defending the Christian Creator God the...
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