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1 M ID T ERM E XAMINATION P HILOSOPHY 100B W INTER Q UARTER , 2010 I NSTRUCTIONS Below you will find two questions for your MidTerm take-home examination, from which you must choose one to answer. Your answer is due at 11 AM on Wednesday, February 17 , in two forms; an email copy of your answer must be sent to your TA by 11 AM on that day; on the same day you must also bring a paper copy of your answer to the lecture and give it to your TA before the beginning of the lecture at 11 AM, which means that you should arrive a little early; students with tight travel time between classes should discuss this issue with TAs in advance. Delivery of a paper copy to your TA is your responsibility, even over the weekend in the case of a late paper. If you wanted to turn in a paper copy on Sunday morning, for example, you would need to make the appropriate arrangements with your TA. If either the paper copy or the email is late or if both are late – i.e., if either fails or if both fail to reach your TA by 11 AM on the appointed day – your grade on the MidTerm will be reduced by one-third of a letter grade . There will be an additional one-third penalty for every additional 24 hours of lateness. If a paper were e-mailed on the following Friday at 11:30 AM, for example, one-third would be deducted for the first 24 hours late, another one-third deducted for the second 24 hours, and then a third one-third deducted because 11:30 is half-an-hour into a third 24 hours – thus turning a B paper into a C paper. If there were also no paper copy by that time, additional penalties would accumulate. Conclusion: lateness has a very high price . There are two reasons for this policy: fairness to all students; and consideration for your TAs. The length of your paper should be about 1800 words , with an absolute limit of 2000 words, to be understood as a maximum , not a minimum. You may be able to write a better answer in fewer words than 1800; there is no reward for greater length, and there is no penalty for brevity. Also, you must record the number of words in your answer at the top of your paper, which means that your word-processor or you must count them. You will be penalized for exceeding the word limit by more than 200 words – i.e., if your paper is longer than 2000 words. You should think of the MidTerm not only as a test of what you have learned about
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