25 - 20:57 100BReviewFeb26pm8pm 210EBroadHall...

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20:57 100B Review Feb 2 6pm-8pm 210E Broad Hall Practice Exams Online EXAM Pencil and an Eraser Today’s Lecture will be on the EXAM Next weeks Lecture will not be 40 Questions/ Multiple choice No Questions on the APA Manual  Correlation Studies Allow V’s to make predictions True Experiment- Controlling extraneous variables, controlling/manipulation,  measuring Pounds Amount of Calories
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Cause and Effect there is also a correlation and you can make predictions Factorial Designs= More than one IV’s Dr. Brown UCLA Study with the Radio on vs Study with the Radio off IV: study environment (R, Roff) DV: MC Final Exam 100Q Ron= 34% Roff= 67% T-test between subjects Look at the design and see what test to use Dr. Green USC IV: study environment (R, Roff) DV: Essay 100pts Ron= 60% Roff= 62% Two different types of tests The school, Different professors
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25 - 20:57 100BReviewFeb26pm8pm 210EBroadHall...

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