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project proposal final - Project Team: Briana Wilson, Jefri...

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Project Team: Briana Wilson, Jefri Vanegas, Michelle Stukas Professor Firstenberg T.A. Jason Ludington Psychology 100B: Lab 1O 02/10/10 Project Proposal Part I: Hypothesis 1. The first independent variable is the type of story; the two levels of the independent variable are angry stories and neutral stories. The operational definition of an angry story is one that arouses feelings of annoyance: distress, displeasure, or slight irritation towards the main character represented in the story. The story demonstrates mild situational pressures in which the situations are routine annoyances; in the start of the story the main character evokes these feelings within the reader as the situation neutralizes by increasing emotional ambiguity at the end of the story. The angry story is about 4-5 sentences: a neutral introductory sentence, two-three sentences of annoyance, and two-three last neutralizing sentences. The operational definition of a neutral story is one that is not meant to arouse an emotional response about the main character in the story. The neutral story describes routine occurrences that remain mundane throughout the entire story. The neutral story is about 4-5 sentences. Names of characters in both stories are gender neutral to control for gender-based inferences. The second
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project proposal final - Project Team: Briana Wilson, Jefri...

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