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Transcript of my Peer Feedback Session (1) -What I say to Meru  She was good at speaking in front of audiences. She always talked contacting  with audiences’ eyes, so most listeners could concentrate on her speech. Another  thing that she did well in her presentation was speaking friendly and calmly.  Our possible topics were very personal, so some audiences were not interested in  other’s presentations. However, Meru made everyone including me focus on her  speech by speaking kindly and affectionately.  I think Meru had better improve her attitude while speaking. She had a little  poor posture when she was giving a speech. For example, she shivered her body  all the time and it did not look good. It distracted my attention.  -What I receive to Meru   My speech contents were well organized and had appropriate transitions, so 
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Unformatted text preview: audiences knew about topics easily. My voice tone was good to listen, too. Unique thing in my presentation was that I chose two big subjects. I talked about what I like and dislike about my living situation. Meru said to me that it was interesting. Moreover, my conclusion was witty because I spoke that I love Urbana Champaign! and it enabled audiences to remember my contents. However, my biggest problem in the presentation was eye contacting with audiences. I knew about it and Meru pointed out the same drawback. It was difficult to be absorbed in my speech because I didnt contact with audiences. I just read paper....
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