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ARW 600 Name: Writing Now Date: I. ACL: The Curse of Women Athletes II. Directions: Reverse engineer the essay by writing the outline of it below. III. I. Introduction A. Hook : The actual cases which some women athletes suffered from ACL injuries B. Background: Explanation about ACL injuries C. Thesis statement: As the number of women competing in sports continues to increase, understanding~. II. Body A. Supporting point 1 : The situations that ACL injuries are common to women athletes B. Supporting point 2 : The reasons why ACL injuries are more dangerous for women
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Unformatted text preview: rather than men Transition sentence: : Not only does the female anatomy contribute to the high risk of ACL injury, ~. C. Supporting point 3 1. Sub point 1 a. Learning appropriate motor skills in order not to be injured b. Preparing the right equipments in order to decrease ACL accidents c. Training proper strength 2. Sub point 2 ARW 600 Name: Writing Now Date: a. Transition sentence: Paying close attention to preventative measures can reduce ~. III. Conclusion...
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ACL_Curse_Women_Athletes_outline_Jamie_ - rather than men...

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