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ARW 600 Name: Writing Now Date: I. ACL: The Curse of Women Athletes II. Directions: Reverse engineer the essay by writing the outline of it below. III. I. Introduction A. Hook “I knew right away exactly what I did”… B. Background This has become the story for too many women athletes… C. Thesis statement As the number of women competing in sports continues to increase, understanding … II. Body A. Supporting point 1 What Is the ACL? B. Supporting point 2 When Are ACL Injuries Most Common? Transition sentence: C. Supporting point 3 1. Sub point 1 Why Are Women at a Greater Risk? a. decreased hamstring-to-quadriceps strength ratio b. women have wider hips than men c. Female hormones can also have a significant effect on the anterior cruciate ligament.
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Unformatted text preview: d. societal factors 2. Sub point 2 How Can These Injuries Be Reduced? ARW 600 Name: Writing Now Date: a. Transition sentence Currently, it is still unclear how to prevent anterior cruciate ligament injuries. III. Conclusion Paying close attention to preventative measures can reduce the number of women suffering from ACL injuries and prolong their careers. If we start now, we can greatly reduce the number of anterior cruciate tears that plague so many of our female players, players such as the outstanding Tennessee shooting guard, Tiffany Woosley....
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ACL_Curse_Women_Athletes_outline_By_Daniyar - d societal...

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