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1 COURSE INFORMATION Chemistry 104A and 104C A. INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Christine Yerkes Telephone: 333-6353 e-mail: Office: Room 207, Chemistry Annex Office Hours: M, W 11-12 a.m.; T, Th 1-2 p.m. B. INSTRUCTION BEGINS: Lecture : Tuesday, January 19 104A and C Discussion : Wednesday, January 20 104A and C C. REQUIRED MATERIALS: Textbook: Chemistry , 8th edition, Zumdahl I Clicker Recommended books for additional review and practice: (These are available in the Learning Center, 212, Chemistry Annex.) A Partial Solutions Guide for Chemistry by T. Hummel, S. S. Zumdahl and S.A. Zumdahl Chemistry 104: Past Hourly Examinations, Fall 2007-Spring 2008 Organic Chemistry: a Short Course , 13 th Other Materials: Each student should have an electronic calculator to be used in lab, quizzes and exams. A set of models for organic chemistry is recommended. D. COURSE CONTENT: P-7
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Chemistry 104A/C is a second semester course in introductory chemistry which is oriented toward biological and medical sciences. The course covers the following topics: thermochemistry and thermodynamics, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, and introduction to organic chemistry, carbohydrates and proteins. E. COURSE FORMAT: A lecture is scheduled twice a week. The lecture will outline the main topics and focus on presenting chemical concepts. Demonstrations will be used to help you learn by example. During the two weekly quiz sessions, the TAs will discuss problems and may cover additional material. Once a week, a 10-20 minute quiz will be given. To do well in this course you should attend the lecture and quiz sessions.
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courseinformationS08 - 1 COURSE INFORMATION Chemistry 104A...

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