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Saken Istamkulov 600AK class ARW – 600 02/07/10 Argumentative essay Why reading is good? The humankind by the steps on its history collected great treasures of the culture, one of which is the treasure of the books. Since writing occurred five thousand years ago, people have been accumulating the valuable reading resources, that mainly contain everything happened in the earth during the period from the ancient times until nowadays. Nevertheless, the sad thing becoming apparent in the modern world is that only few percent of people read books. When somebody asks me questions such as “What is the purpose of reading?” or “Isn’t it popular to read any more?”, I always become mistuned. Reading is the process of developing ourselves that is extremely important when becoming an intelligent person. In the modern world a variety of newest achievements are making our lives easier with the each new one. People’s life changed to more easy and comfortable conditions, tons of various entertainments appeared which cause us to be lazier and non-intelligent.
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This note was uploaded on 02/24/2010 for the course MAT 3471 taught by Professor Gashs during the Spring '10 term at Punjab Engineering College.

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Saken-Argumentative_essay - Saken Istamkulov 600AK class...

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