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ARW 600 Name: Zhambul Writing Now Date: 02/15/10 I. ACL: The Curse of Women Athletes II. Directions: Reverse engineer the essay by writing the outline of it below. III. I. Introduction A. Hook Paraphrasing a story of girl who had an ACL injury in game. B. Background Describing what is ACL according to medicine book. C. Thesis statement “Although this sort of injury can happen to both males and females, it is especially common among female athletes” II. Body A. Supporting point 1 the female anatomy. B. Supporting point 2 the female hormones. Transition sentence: “Not only does the female anatomy contribute to the high risk of ACL injury, but societal factors affecting body movement and muscle strength also make
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Unformatted text preview: women more susceptible”. C. Supporting point 3 the societal factors 1. Sub point 1 Men generally has more hazards to physical activities. a. Women aren’t thought motor skills from childhood, so they maneuver differently. b. Women usually land on one leg. c. Because P.E. isn’t thought in school. ARW 600 Name: Zhambul Writing Now Date: 02/15/10 2. Sub point 2 Impaired neuromuscular coordination a. Transition sentence “Currently, it is still unclear how to prevent ACL injuries” III. Conclusion We can make a great changes in numbers of injuries if we will pay close attention to preventative methodology and players such as Tiffany Woosley won’t suffer from it....
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Zhambul_ACL_Curse_Women_Athletes_outline - women more...

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