Digital Imaging Case Problem 1 Final Report

Digital Imaging Case Problem 1 Final Report - Digital...

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Digital Imaging Production Capability Report Feb 21, 2010 Team Management Science Background Digital Imaging (DI) produces photo printers for both professional and consumer markets. The DI consumer division recently introduces two photo printers, the DI-910 and the DI-950, that provide color prints rivaling those produced by a professional processing lab. The printers are assembled, tested and packaged at DI’s plant located in New Bern, North Carolina. The plant is highly automated and uses two manufacturing lines to promote the printers. Line 1 produces performs the assembly operation with times of 3 minutes per DI-910 printer and 6 minutes per DI-950 printer. Line 2 performs both the testing and packaging operations. Times are 4 minutes for the DI-910 printer and 2 minutes for the DI-950 printer. Both manufacturing lines operate one 8-hour shift per day. The president of DI has asked Team Management Science to analyze production capabilities and provide a report presenting our finding and recommendations. Analysis Methods Team Management Science used linear programming techniques to determine optimal production capabilities given differing sets of requirements. To provide further analysis, The Management Scientist software package was used to identify optimal solutions. The linear programming model is a mathematical model with the following characteristics:
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Digital Imaging Case Problem 1 Final Report - Digital...

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