vocabulary - Impend: to be imminent; be about to happen, to...

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Impend: to be imminent; be about to happen, to threaten or menace: He felt that danger impended. Impervious: not permitting penetration or passage; impenetrable: The coat is impervious to rain; incapable of being injured or impaired: impervious to wear and tear. Inadvertent unintentional Incongruous: out of place; inappropriate; unbecoming, not harmonious in character; inconsonant Incorporate: to form into a legal corporation. to put or introduce into a body or mass as an integral part or parts Incorporeal: not corporeal or material; insubstantial. Incubus: an imaginary demon or evil spirit supposed to descend upon sleeping persons, esp. one fabled to have sexual intercourse with women during their sleep. a nightmare. inference: the act or process of inferring, something that is inferred Inflection: modulation of the voice; change in pitch or tone of voice. a bend or angle. Ingenious: characterized by cleverness or originality of invention or construction Ingenuous: free from reserve, restraint, or dissimulation; candid; sincere. artless; innocent; naive. Ingratiate: to establish (oneself) in the favor or good graces of others, esp. by deliberate effort (usually fol. by with): Inhibit: to restrain, hinder, arrest, or check (an action, impulse, etc.). to prohibit; forbid. Inimical: adverse in tendency or effect; unfavorable; harmful unfriendly; hostile Inordinate:
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not within proper or reasonable limits; immoderate; excessive, unrestrained in conduct, feelings, etc. Insatiable: incapable of being satisfied or appeased Inscrutable: incapable of being investigated, analyzed, or scrutinized; impenetrable. not easily understood; mysterious; unfathomable: an inscrutable smile. Insidious: intended to entrap or beguile:stealthily treacherous or deceitful Interdict: Civil Law. any prohibitory act or decree of a court or an administrative officer. Roman Catholic Church. a punishment by which the faithful, remaining in communion with the
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vocabulary - Impend: to be imminent; be about to happen, to...

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