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Assignment 1 - Business Memo

Assignment 1 - Business Memo - To Professor J Barko From...

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To: Professor J. Barko From: Bethany Bond Date: July 9, 2009 Re: Managing Technology in a Ever-Increasing Global Economy As a manager in the future, my organization will have to adapt to the ever changing technological environment and the globalization of all industries. I plan to work in the nutrition and science sector of the economy in the future. As a nutritionist, I will need to learn how to adapt to new technology in the healthcare field and learn how to cope with a globalized economy and workforce. As presented in Trends Four and Eight in the lecture slides, the ability to receive instant information and develop relationships with people all over the world in an instant is here. I can check the news, buy clothes from across the county, bid on a new iPod, and transfer money from my checking account to my savings all from my cell phone! Just ten years ago, this was not possible. Some of the facts concerning new technologies are staggering.
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