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Assignment 2 - Customer Apology

Assignment 2 - Customer Apology - Maria Constantine 123...

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Maria Constantine 123 Silver Maple Dr. Dallas, TX 75231 214-555-5695 Dear Ms. Constantine, It has been brought to my attention that last Thursday at 7PM your dining party was not given the superior service that all customers deserve and demand. I understand that you waited far too long to be seated, waited even longer for your drinks, and received your steaks cold. I take full responsibility for the unsatisfactory experience that you endured. No reason will satisfy your embarrassment and frustration that you suffered at the expense of my staff, but I will offer an explanation of what happened. As you mentioned in your previous letter, the restaurant was not busy at the time you visited. For that exact reason, the number of staff on duty was kept to a minimum to reduce expenses in this difficult financial time. The scheduling was apparently too short to adequately provide the patrons of Buckaroo’s. In addition to the scheduling error, our main cooker was out of service due to maintenance issues. Our cooks were
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