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Bin & Cue Simple Tut - BIN.CUE simple tutorial...

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BIN & .CUE simple tutorial. There always seems to be the question "what do I do with a .bin and .cue file" in these forums so I figured I would write a quick and simple tutorial. Please feel free to add more. So you have downloaded two files, one with a .bin extension and one with a .cue extension. "What do I do with these?" you ask. There are a number of options. BURN TO CD You will need either NERO, CDRWIN or FIREBURNER to burn the file. To burn with NERO: Start NERO, choose FILE, choose BURN IMAGE, locate the .cue file you have and double click it. A dialog box will come up, for anything other than music make sure you choose DISC-AT-ONCE (DAO). You can also turn off the simulation burn if you so choose. Then burn away. To burn with CDRWin: Start CDRWin, choose the button on the top left, choose LOAD CUESHEET, press START RECORDING. To burn with Fireburner: Start Fireburner, click on the button on the bottom left corner "VISUAL CUE BURNER/ BINCHUNKER", press the right mouse button and choose LOAD TRACKS FROM .CUE and
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Bin & Cue Simple Tut - BIN.CUE simple tutorial...

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