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Burn a BIN without a CUE using NERO

Burn a BIN without a CUE using NERO - 5 Check the settings...

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Burn a BIN without a CUE using NERO You've downloaded a *.BIN file, but there was no *.CUE file associated and you still want to burn the *.BIN file using Nero Your options are: 1) Create yourself a *.CUE 2) Convert the *.BIN to an *.ISO 3) OR use Nero to burn without the *.CUE file!!! Yes, that's possible... just follow these steps and you will be sorted. No need for *.CUE files anymore Ok, here we go... 1) Start Nero 2) File -> Burn Image 3) Browse to the *.BIN file that you want to burn and open it 4) A window saying "Foreign Image Settings" will open
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Check the settings. They should be as followed: * Type of image: leave it to Data Mode 1 * Select the Raw Data check box Note ->> The block size will change automatically from 2048 to 2352 * Leave Image Header and Image Trailer unchanged and set to 0 * Leave "Scrambled" and "Swapped" check boxes unchecked 6) Click on burn! 7) Enjoy This tut was for Nero 5.x.x.x, I was told that "Burn Image" is under "recorder" in Nero 6. The rest of the steps should be the same. .. xkalibur...
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