The Port Guide, Port number and info

The Port Guide, Port number and info - If you feel your...

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If you feel your computer is acting strangly or you connection is slow just go to Start>Run>Type cmd>then type netstat -an and if you see a dangerous Ip according to the guide below then you computer is infected or being hacked. Guide: port 0 REx port 1 (UDP) - Sockets des Troie port 2 Death port 5 yoyo port 11 Skun port 16 Skun port 17 Skun port 18 Skun port 19 Skun port 20 Amanda port 21 ADM worm, Back Construction, Blade Runner, BlueFire, Bmail, Cattivik FTP Server, CC Invader, Dark FTP, Doly Trojan, FreddyK, Invisible FTP, KWM, MscanWorm, NerTe, NokNok, Pinochet, Ramen, Reverse Trojan, RTB 666, The Flu, WinCrash, Voyager Alpha Force port 22 InCommand, Shaft, Skun p ort 23 ADM worm, Aphex's Remote Packet Sniffer , AutoSpY, ButtMan, Fire HacKer, My Very Own trojan, Pest, RTB 666, Tiny Telnet Server - TTS, Truva Atl port 25 Antigen, Barok, BSE, Email Password Sender , Gip, Laocoon, Magic Horse, MBT , Moscow Email trojan, Nimda, Shtirlitz, Stukach, Tapiras, WinPC port 27 Assasin port 28 Amanda port 30 Agent 40421 port 31 Agent 40421, Masters Paradise, Skun port 37 ADM worm port 39 SubSARI port 41 Deep Throat , Foreplay port 44 Arctic port 51 f**k Lamers Backdoor port 52 MuSka52, Skun port 53 ADM worm, li0n, MscanWorm, MuSka52 port 54 MuSka52 port 66 AL-Bareki port 69 BackGate Kit, Nimda, Pasana, Storm, Storm worm, Theef port 69 (UDP) - Pasana port 70 ADM worm port 79 ADM worm, Firehotcker port 80 711 trojan (Seven Eleven), AckCmd, BlueFire, Cafeini, Duddie, Executor, God Message, Intruzzo , Latinus, Lithium, MscanWorm, NerTe, Nimda, Noob, Optix Lite, Optix Pro , Power, Ramen, Remote Shell , Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor , RingZero, RTB 666, Scalper, Screen Cutter , Seeker, Slapper, Web Server CT , WebDownloader port 80 (UDP) - Penrox port 81 Asylum port 101 Skun port 102 Delf, Skun port 103 Skun port 105 NerTe port 107 Skun
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port 109 ADM worm port 110 ADM worm port 111 ADM worm, MscanWorm port 113 ADM worm, Alicia, Cyn, DataSpy Network X, Dosh, Gibbon, Taskman port 120 Skun port 121 Attack Bot, God Message, JammerKillah port 123 Net Controller port 137 Chode, Nimda port 137 (UDP) - Bugbear, Msinit, Opaserv, Qaz port 138 Chode, Nimda port 139 Chode, Fire HacKer, Msinit, Nimda, Opaserv, Qaz port 143 ADM worm port 146 Infector port 146 (UDP) - Infector port 166 NokNok port 170 A-trojan port 171 A-trojan port 200 CyberSpy port 201 One Windows Trojan port 202 One Windows Trojan, Skun port 211 One Windows Trojan port 212 One Windows Trojan port 221 Snape port 222 NeuroticKat, Snape port 230 Skun port 231 Skun port 232 Skun port 285 Delf port 299 One Windows Trojan port 334 Backage port 335 Nautical port 370 NeuroticKat port 400 Argentino port 401 One Windows Trojan port 402 One Windows Trojan port 411 Backage port 420 Breach port 443 Slapper port 445 Nimda port 455 Fatal Connections port 511 T0rn Rootkit port 513 ADM worm port 514 ADM worm port 515 MscanWorm, Ramen port 520 (UDP) - A UDP backdoor port 555 711 trojan (Seven Eleven), Phase Zero, Phase-0 port 564 Oracle
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The Port Guide, Port number and info - If you feel your...

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