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Tired Of Reinstalling Windows

Tired Of Reinstalling Windows - Tired Of Reinstalling...

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Tired Of Reinstalling Windows My Suggestions For A Better And Easier Computing: -> First partition ur HDD as follows. C: (primary, bootable) 10GB, D: (ur choice), E: (10 GB) -> Next install 2 OSs, it can be XP,XP or XP,9X. One OS in C: and other E: Let OS in C:\ be called "TRASH" and that in E:\ be called "GOOD" -> Boot into GOOD OS. Install all the important software (image viewer, winamp, winrar, acrobat, ms-office etc) in E:\program files\. Tweak all you settings, Install all the latest drivers, AV, service packs, patches etc and do the same for TRASH if you want! ALSO INSTALL THE IMAGING SOFTWARE. -> Now boot to TRASH OS and move the "E:\Documents and Settings" to D:\ and change the default Desktop folder and My Documents folder to d:\doc & settings of TRASH OS. (right click on My Doc, Properties. There just change E: to D:\ or manually "MOVE") for changing desktop u need a tweak program (I use X-Setup, fast and free) NOW INSTALL THE IMAGING SOFTWARE. -> Depending on ur requirements, allocate pace for D: (say 15 GB). Now OS in E: is the main OS is called GOOD (just for easy identification). and the OS in C:\ is
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