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Turn Off Unneeded Services, speed up pc

Turn Off Unneeded Services, speed up pc - logical disk...

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here is a list of services that can be turned off this will speed up your pc a bit right click my computer manage services and applications services set these to disabled you will need to reboot for them to take effect if you have a problem with any just reenable them again ie if you have a smart card and you disable it wont work alerter application layer gateway service application management ati hotkey poller automatic updates background intelligent transfer service clipbook com+ event system com+ system application distributed transaction coordinator error reporting service fast user switching compatibility help and support human interface device access imapi cd burning com service indexing service internet connection firewall(icf)/internet connecton sharing(ics) ipsec services
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Unformatted text preview: logical disk manager logical disk manager administrative service messenger ms software shadow copy provider net logon netmeeting remote desktop sharing network dde network dde dsdm nt lm securtiy support provider performance logs and alerts portable media serial number service qos rsvp remote desktop help sesson manager remote registry removable storage secondary logon security accounts manager server smart card smart card helper ssdp discovery service system restore service task scheduler tcp/ip netbios helper telnet terminal services uninterruptible power supply universal plug and play device host upload manager video proes volume shadow copy webclient windows time wireless zone configuration wmi performance adapter workstation...
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  • Spring '08
  • Staff
  • Windows Vista, smart card, Logical Disk Manager, network dde dsdm, manager administrative service, layer gateway service

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Turn Off Unneeded Services, speed up pc - logical disk...

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