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MBA 8145 Marketing loreal - MBA 8145 Marketing LOreal...

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MBA 8145 Marketing – L’Oreal Rebecca Halloran 6.25.09 Situation: L’Oreal’s Plentitude has captured a good part of market share in the cosmetics industry with their “Class to the Mass” strategy of presenting a department store-like selection of products in mass retailers. The range of products is meant to appeal to an executive modern woman who is proactive in the defense of her youth. “Reduce the signs of aging” is their tag line and the line’s success is bolstered by the strong brand image of other L’Oreal products like their hair coloring line and its tag line “Because I’m worth it”. L’Oreal’s image benefits from being perceived as higher quality and sophisticated. Retailers were willing to meet the steep demands of the company because their shelf strategy and image drew in new department store segments into the mass retail market. Their strategy has been: Have technologically superior products Concentrate resources on a star product And adhere to the Golden Rules of Marketing o Feature your star o Provide evidence of your superiority o Stick to your target market, the modern executive woman This has given them a foothold in the American mass retail market but they now need to become profitable. Extensive advertizing has established their brand and retailer satisfaction but they now need to ramp up sales volumes and profits. Decision:
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MBA 8145 Marketing loreal - MBA 8145 Marketing LOreal...

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