MBA8155 boeing - MBA8155 Boeing Case Rebecca Halloran...

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MBA8155 – Boeing Case Rebecca Halloran 6.18.09 The confident announcement in October 2007 that the delivery of the new 787 Dreamliners would stay on schedule despite supplier and vendor delays has been amended by Boeing. The delivery is now expected to be delayed another 6 months. This announcement has hurt their stock values and their company’s reputation could be in question if further delays are announced. This 6 month delay is especially embarrassing considering the popularity of the new model was boosted by the repeated delays in rival Airbus’s A380Jetliner. But the delays are no surprise to most in the industry. The September 2007 announcement assuring scheduled delivery was received with widespread disbelief. There were many factors working against Boeing’s delivery schedule. The design of the 787 involved new composite materials that were new technology. This creates a learning curve for the assembly workers (many of whom were inexperienced at new facilities). Using new materials means new variables in testing on every level. There were industry wide shortages of materials like titanium and aluminum fasteners. Boeing had made changes to its supply system that offset risk and expense by pushing
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MBA8155 boeing - MBA8155 Boeing Case Rebecca Halloran...

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