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syllabus100spring2010 - a complete schedule including when...

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CHM-100 CHEMISTRY OF OUR ENVIRONMENT SPRING 2010 Instructor: Dr. Mike McGregor Office: 228 Pastore Email: [email protected] Office Hours: 8 to 10 am daily or by appointment Grading: Your best 3 exam grades out of 4 exams (22% each) Final exam 22% Writing Assignments 12% (best 6 out of 9) Lecture notes: Notes are available electronically from the URI Web site ( www.uri.edu,chemistry , for current students, course descriptions & web pages, CHM 100) Website : mhhe.com/cic for examples, quiz questions and animations Tutors are available at the Academic Enhancement Center (AEC) in Roosevelt Hall. For
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Unformatted text preview: a complete schedule -- including when tutors are available specifically for this class -- go to www.uri.edu/aec, call (401) 874-2367, or stop by the fourth floor in Roosevelt Hall. Syllabus Text: Chemistry in Context, from the American Chemical Society Chapter Title 1 The Air We Breathe 2 Protecting the Ozone Layer EXAM 1 2/16 3 The Chemistry of Global Warming 4 Energy, Chemistry and Society EXAM 2 3/11 5 The Wonder of Water 6 Acid Rain EXAM 3 4/8 7 The Fires of Nuclear Fission 8 Alternate Energy Sources: Fuel for the Future EXAM 4 4/29 FINAL EXAM 11:30 am 124 Pastore 5/11...
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