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Chapter 1 Chapter 7 Physical and chemical changes and properties Calculations involving energy, frequency and wavelength Metric system: prefixes, SI units general idea of the photoelectric effect Significant Figures Describe the photoelectric effect Scientific Notation Calculate energy of electronic transitions Dimensional Analysis Be able to define an element based on its quantum numbers Density Chapter 8 Chapter 2 Write or interpret the electron configurations of atoms or ions General model of an atom, relative size and charges on particles. Know Periodic trends; ionic radius, atomic radius, EA, IA and redox properties Isotopes, atomic number and atomic mass Be able to write chemical formulas and names Chapter 9 Know polyatomic ions and acids in list. Draw Lewis structures for atoms, molecules, ions Be able to predict charge on ions from periodic table Apply resonance when necessary Formal charges Chapter 3 Determine polarity of bonds Be able to use molar mass, # molecules as conversion units
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