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Chapter4 - to another for the sake of living in a higher...

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Steve Tiet 2/28/09 Science 101 Chapter 4 Summary Chapter four covers the evolution and adaptations of species and how they are able to coexist with other species creating biological communities. One of the most important factors that allow different species to cohabitate with other animals is that each species have their own specific ecological niche. This ecological niche allows for how each animal affects the environment in terms of food consumption, use and possible disruption, and the ability to live in biological communities continually. Another important factor that can foretell the longevity of certain species is how well adapted a species can exemplify in changing environments. The first way an individual organism can adapt is to change its environment to find a better suited one by acclimating. Another form of adaptation occurs on a genetic level through evolution. In the evolutionary process, an organism is able to pass on genetic traits from one generation of species
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Unformatted text preview: to another for the sake of living in a higher success rate in their environment. This is the reason for change over generation to generation of a species; resources may become scarce as generations continue and the species must be able to adapt to the dwindling of resources, thus the species must inherit traits to better adapt to the new environment. There are many traits organisms may have from each passing generation and the process of choosing the most fitted traits to allow for the highest success rate of survival for future generations is called natural selection. Although there may be many different forms of species that have been passed from generation to generation, the specific traits that are necessary for long-term survival all must depend upon natural selection to ensure that the best possible organism can be reproduced to ensure the continuance of that particular species....
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Chapter4 - to another for the sake of living in a higher...

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