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ECOR 2606 Lab Test #1 Practice Material A motorized door has two unequal parts (see diagram). One part of the door is A metres long and the other is B metres long. At time t = 0 the “open” button is pressed and both parts start swinging open at a rate of 2 degrees / second. Movement stops after 45 seconds (i.e. when both doors are fully open). Write a function m-file (door.m) that given A , B , and t , calculates and returns the distance between the ends of the two parts of the door. Have your function generate an error if it is given
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Unformatted text preview: unreasonable inputs. Hint : Start by deriving expressions for the x and y co-ordinates of the ends of the door parts. Suppose that A is 5m and B is 3m. At time t = 0 seconds the ends of the doors are 0m apart and at time t = 45 seconds they are 8.246m apart. At what time t will they be 5m apart? Plot the distance between the ends of the doors for t from 0 to 45 seconds. Practice using both plot and fplot . Use fzero to find the required answer. Note: All trigonometric functions work in radians. A B...
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