Advanced Placement Biology Summaries

Advanced Placement Biology Summaries - Ritujith...

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Ritujith Jayakrishnan 10 th Grade Clovis North High School Advanced Placement Biology Section Summaries Basic Summary 1.1 Life has organization which is maintained by metabolic processes that run with energy, the capacity to do work. This energy is also used to respond to surroundings. The more you survive, the more you reproduce, allowing for genetic inheritance that is fit for a specific environment (adaptation). Evolution is descent with modification. Basic Summary 1.2 Populations of species make communities, which together makes the biosphere. There is always an interaction between population and the physical environment, making an ecosystem. Solar energy, or energy as a whole, flows, whereas nutrients cycle within an ecosystem. Humans need to conserve their environments. Basic Summary 1.3 Taxonomy is the organization of organisms into groups. There are 5 kingdoms and 4 domains (kingdoms = monera, protista, fungi, plantae, and animalia (last 4 belong to Domain Eukarya), domains = domain bacteria, domain archaea, domain eukarya). Biologists give each organism a binomial, or two-part name (1 st word = genus, 2 nd word = epithet of species within genus). The list of organization from big to small = Kings Play Chess on Fuzzy Green Squares = Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Families Genera Species Basic Summary 1.4 Science is based only on observations which scientists base their hypotheses on. They experiment and conclude about their experiments. There are variables in an experiment, the experimental variable and the dependent variable which is the result and which depends on the former variable. Scientific Data is often objective, not subjective, and is based on experiments. Inductive reasoning is used to create a hypothesis and deductive reasoning is used to conclude the experiment. The ultimate goal of science is to
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Advanced Placement Biology Summaries - Ritujith...

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