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Physics Summaries - Ritujith Jayakrishnan 10th Grade Clovis...

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Ritujith Jayakrishnan 10 th Grade Clovis North High School Chapter 1 Summary Physics is the study of matter and energy and their relationships. Physics is basic to all other sciences. Knowledge of physics makes us, as citizens, better able to make decisions about question related to science and technology. Much scientific work is done in groups in which people collaborate with one another. Chapter 2 Summary Meter, Second, and Kilogram are the SI base units of length, time, and mass respectively. Derived units are combinations of base units. Prefixes are used to change SI units by powers of 10. The method of converting one unit to another unit is called the factor-label method of unit conversion. Precision is the degree of exactness with which a quantity is measured using a given instrument. Accuracy is the extent to which the measured and accepted values of a quantity agree. The last digit in a measurement is always an estimate. The result of any mathematical operation with measurements can never be more
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