Historical Factors Review

Historical Factors Review - P OLITICAL: things relating to...

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FACTOR CHAPTER CHAPTER CHAPTER CHAPTER E CONOMIC: things relating to money Examples: trade, industrialization, labor systems, economic systems (capitalism, communism), agriculture, currency S OCIAL: society Examples: gender (roles for men & women), race/ ethnicity, family, class status/hierarchy C ULTURAL: things relating to Examples: religion, philosophy, ideology, arts & architecture, rituals/celebrations, education, food, clothing
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Unformatted text preview: P OLITICAL: things relating to power & government Examples: building states & nations, wars & conflict, expansion, empire, government, power structure E NVIRONMENTAL: things relating to how humans interact with their environment Examples: agriculture, demography (statistics about populations), migration, patterns of settlement, spread of disease, uses of technology, transportation, pollution Name: Due Date:...
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