Change&Continuity Directions, Scaffold, & Rubric

Change&Continuity Directions, Scaffold, & Rubric -...

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Change-Over-Time / Continuity Essay (Change and Continuity) 1. Read the “stem” question/prompt. Make sure that you understand what it is asking you to do. 2. Identify: what is the change, and what is the continuity? Identify one (1) category (from the “Factors That Impact History” for change and one (1) category for continuity (try to identify those categories from within the question/prompt itself and then identify which fits “change” and which fits “continuity”). Write some historical content notes for each category. 3. Write a topic sentence for each category. 4. Write a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis based on your two topic sentences. Your thesis must use relevant historical content to effectively explain change and continuity over time. 5. Write your essay in the following order, making sure that you answer the question/address the prompt. Paragraph 1: THESIS Only your thesis! (Do not include additional information; paragraph may be only one/two sentences.) Refer to
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Change&Continuity Directions, Scaffold, & Rubric -...

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