Comparative Directions, Scaffold, & Rubric

Comparative Directions, Scaffold, & Rubric -...

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Comparative Essay (Compare and Contrast) 1. Read the “stem” question/prompt. Make sure that you understand what it is asking you to do. 2. Identify: what is the difference, and what is the similarity? Identify two (2) categories for comparison (e.g., political/economic, goals/outcomes). Write some historical content notes for each category. 3. Write a topic sentence for each category. 4. Write a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis based on your two topic sentences. Your thesis must make a direct, historically-correct comparison. 5. Write your essay in the following order, making sure that you answer the question/address the prompt. Paragraph 1: THESIS Only your thesis! (Do not include additional information; paragraph may be only one/two sentences.) Refer to the specific time period in which this essay is set by date and by name. Paragraph 2: DIFFERENCE CATEGORY Start with your topic sentence for the difference category. Substantiate your topic sentence’s contention about difference with
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Comparative Directions, Scaffold, & Rubric -...

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