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DBQ Directions, Scaffold, & Rubric

DBQ Directions, Scaffold, & Rubric - Document-Based...

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Document-Based Question (DBQ) Essay 1. Read the “stem” question/prompt. Make sure that you understand what it is asking you to do. 2. Read the “historical context” section below the question. Make sure that you understand how it relates to the question. 3. Read and annotate each document right on the document. Consider the historical content, the author’s background, the intended audience, and the historical context of each document. 4. Organize the documents into three (3) groupings that will allow you to use them as evidence as you answer the question (you may include sub-groupings). Remember, you must use every document! Grouping examples: cause/consequences, positive/negative, pro/con 5. Write a topic sentence for each grouping. 6. Write a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis based on your three topic sentences. Make sure that your thesis answers the question/responds to the prompt! 7. Write your essay in the following order, making sure that you answer the question/address the prompt.
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