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Chapter 8 questions 1. What best characterizes the role of ATP in cellular metabolism? A) The release of free energy during the hydrolysis of ATP heats the surrounding environment. B) The free energy released by ATP hydrolysis may be coupled to an endergonic process via the formation of a phosphorylated intermediate. C) It is catabolized to carbon dioxide and water. D) The ΔG associated with its hydrolysis is positive. E) The charge on the phosphate group of ATP tends to make the molecule very water-soluble. 2. Metabolic pathways in cells are typically far from equilibrium. Which of the following processes tend to keep these pathways away from equilibrium? A) the continuous removal of the products of a pathway to be used in other reactions B) an input of free energy from outside the pathway C) an input of heat from the environment D) The first and second choices are correct. E) The first, second and third choices are correct.
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Chapter 8 questions 3. An exergonic (spontaneous) reaction is a chemical reaction that _________. A) occurs only when an enzyme or other catalyst is present B) cannot occur outside of a living cell C) releases energy when proceeding in the forward direction D) is common in anabolic pathways E) leads to a decrease in the entropy of the universe 4. Which of the following statements about enzyme function is correct? A) Enzymes can greatly speed up reactions, but they cannot change the net energy output because they cannot change the activation energy. B) Enzymes can change the equilibrium point of reactions, but they cannot speed up reactions
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Sept17_chapts8-9_BLANK - Chapter 8 questions 1 What best...

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