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QUESTIONS <#>CH 19 <T>MC <S>N <Q>CHAPTER 19: The white cliffs of Dover, England were formed over millions of years by accumulation of calcium carbonate shells from ________? <D>Audesirk testbank CH 19-76 <C> zooflagellates <C> euglenoids <C> foraminiferans <C> cyanobacteria <C> ciliates <#>CH 19 <T>MC <S>N <Q>CHAPTER 19: Which group has silica shells similar to those of diatoms? <D>Audesirk testbank CH 19-77 <C> sporozoans/apicomplexans <C> dinoflagellates <C> zooflagellates <C> euglenoids <C> radiolarians <#>CH 19 <T>MC <S>N <Q>CHAPTER 19: Which of the following is considered to be most closely related to the plants? <D>Audesirk testbank CH 19-78 <C> brown algae <C> slime molds <C> euglenoids <C> green algae <C> diatoms <#>CH 19 <T>MC <S>N <Q>CHAPTER 19: You've just discovered a previously unidentified organism and will now be famous! After testing it with the list of chemicals below, you find out it glows, doesn't turn blue, and doesn't fizz. How will you classify this organism? Glowing = the presence of a nuclear envelope. Blue = the presence of chloroplasts. Fizzing = the presence of flagella. How will you classify this organism? <D>Audesirk testbank CH 19-79 <C> bacterium <C> slime mold <C> diatom <C> virus <C> zooflagellate <#>CH 19 <T>MC <S>N <Q>CHAPTER 19: Which of the following is TRUE? <D>Audesirk testbank CH 19-80 <C> Viruses are a kingdom of the Bacteria domain. <C> Amoebas use cilia to move around. <C> Zooflagellates are autotrophic and move by means of flagella. <C> All bacteria are pathogens (disease causing). <C> Prokaryotic organisms are classified as Bacteria or Archaea.
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<#>CH 19 <T>MC <S>N <Q>CHAPTER 19: Which of the following is FALSE? <D>Audesirk testbank CH 19-81 <C> Viruses are classified in the domain Archaea. <C> Amoebas move by means of pseudopods. <C> Zooflagellates are heterotrophic and move by means of flagella. <C> Antibiotics should not be taken to prevent or treat the flu. <C> The DNA of the organisms classified as Archaea is not contained in a nucleus ____________________________________________________________________________________ <#>CH 20 <T>MC <S>N <Q>CHAPTER 20: Which of the following human jobs BEST illustrates the importance of some fungi's ability to liberate nutrients from dead or discarded tissues? <D>Audesirk testbank CH 20-59
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review_questions_CH_19_20_21_for_exam_1 - QUESTIONS <#>CH...

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