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Louisiana State University Syllabus: Spring 2010 PSYC 2000: Introduction to Psychology T/Th 1:40-3:00, 0005 Lockett Instructor: Melissa Munson, M.A. Office: 221 Audubon Hall Email: Office Phone: 225-578-7792 Office Hours: Wednesday, 12:00-1:00, and by appointment Required Text: Meyers (2007). Psychology (8 th Ed) in Modules. Worth Publishers. Course Purpose and Objectives: The Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 2000) course serves as a social science requirement for the University's General Education curriculum. Therefore, students who complete this course are challenged to demonstrate logical reasoning, effective communication, and the ability relate to the world around them through the learning objects they achieve in this course. Students are expected to meet the following learning objectives for General Education social science courses: Demonstrate the mastery of factual knowledge of the subject matter. Demonstrate understanding of diversity of cultures, across time and space, as well as universal social characteristics and global networks. Demonstrate ability to identify, locate, evaluate, and use appropriate reference and technology sources in an ethical manner for the study of the social sciences. Grades: Your grade will be determined based on your work in several areas of the course. These areas are described below. Final grades will be based on the following scale: A: 89.50-100% B: 79.5-89.49% C: 69.5-79.49% 1
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D: 59.5-69.49% F: 0-59% Grades will be broken down in the following manner: Exam 1: 25% Exam 2: 25% Exam 3: 25% Moodle Assignments: 10% Participation Assignments : 10% Research Learning Requirement : 4% Required Reading Quizzes: 1% 1. Exams : There will be three non-cumulative exams. Exams will consist of 50 multiple choice questions and will cover key terms, theories, and frameworks presented in lecture, videos, and the readings. There will be material on the exams that is covered by the book and not in class . Exams will be scheduled through LSU’s Center for Evaluation and Assessment. Students are responsible for scheduling their own test dates/times during the assigned exam weeks . To schedule a test, go to If you miss an exam due to a university-approved absence (see PS-22), you must provide documentation verifying the excused absence within 48 hours of the exam . You will not be permitted to make up an exam without documentation of an approved reason. If it is still within the exam window you can try to reschedule yourself. If there are no seats, or the exam window has passed, you will need me to schedule your exam at the testing center. All exams must be completed within 2 weeks of the original window. 2.
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Syllabus_PSYC_2000_SPRING10 - Louisiana State University...

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