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hist notes 1 - September 19th & September 22nd, 2008...

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September 19th History 405A **Writing response due Monday, September 22 nd 1. Relations between Barbarian groups a. Didn’t care to much about each other b. More concerned with the Romans than each other c. The outsiders were the ones that linked them together and gave each group a stigma 2. Celtic Fringe a. Was unified in culture b. No cities in Ireland, never colonized by Romans or Christians i. Some contact ii. Irish slaves were taken c. Even the Irish colonization wasn’t good, just scattered towns and villages d. No parish structure in Ireland e. How do Bishops reach these rural people i. Monasticism 1. Whole purpose of monasticism in the beginning was to achieve your own salvation and get away from the world ii. Pope Gregory I (Gregory the Great) 1. First monk to become a pope 2. Combined the 2 systems to reach more people iii. Excommunicated Aryans 1. Look for converts among people that are outside of the Roman empire 2. Translated the Bible into Gothic 3. Spread of Christianity a. Ethiopians i. Not Orthodox ii. Heretics, according to the Orthodox b. Certain factors went into the conversion of Ireland i. The monks were so successful that they came back and played a role in converting the continent ii. Takes a new model to convert this “mass wilderness” 4. Emergence of Monasticism a. Arguing the rules of “good Christianity” b. Originally, they wanted everyone to be celibate… but obviously that’s not possible for human instinct and population c. Some people didn’t believe in all the rules, and wanted their own holy life d. 2 forms of Monasticism i. Hermits ii. People who lived in groups 1. Both forms went to Ireland e. In Ireland i. Brutal landscapes that they lived on ii. Self-enforced exile from the community
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September 19th History 405A
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hist notes 1 - September 19th & September 22nd, 2008...

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