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mgmt notes 1 - ii Cut-off criteria 1 Ex Camera a Zoom...

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Professor: Piscitello Wednesday, September 29, 2008 Consumer Behavior I. What stimulates a buy a. Product, Price, Place, Promotion b. Timing II. Decision-Making a. Recognition i. Marketing makes people aware of the products ii. Create a need through advertising b. Information i. Correlation between the information you have in front of you and price of the product ii. Recall information from your memory iii. Had experience, friends with products 1. Amount of Information a. Less i. Already have knowledge ii. Little Interest b. More i. New technology ii. No confidence c. Alternatives i. Look at all the possibilities of the product
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Cut-off criteria 1. Ex: Camera a. Zoom, screen, megapixels (resolution), memory, color d. The Purchase i. Price point you will take more time to think about 1. Ex: $500 ii. Post Purchase 1. Ex: Time Share Buy a. Cognitive Dissonance i. “Buyers Remorse” after buy b. Companies should make you feel you got the best deal: Follow-up, Guarantee, Warranty III. Recognition a. External Stimuli i. Advertising ii. Movie star pictures for advertising to push the product b. Internal Stimuli i. Human needs ii. Better education 1. hunger...
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mgmt notes 1 - ii Cut-off criteria 1 Ex Camera a Zoom...

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