Midterm 1 Review

Midterm 1 Review - I. II. Nervous system I and II: NS...

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I. Nervous system I and II: NS basics, APS, ect. a. Neurons are cells that can get excited b. Supporting cells such as the gilia cells c. Structure of the NS i. CNS 1. consists of the brain and spinal cord 2. purpose to integrate data ii. PNS 1. everything else 2. Splits into the somatic-conscious control over such as the skeletal muscles and also into the autonomic-not under conscious control. The autonomic splits into the parasympathetic “rest and digest,” sympathetic-“fight or flight reflex; it is activated the body is on high alert. Enteric is gut control. iii. Different types of neurons 1. Sensory a. One receives the information b. It generates a generator potential when it receives the signal i. It makes sense and it is starting the entire process ii. It will turn into an action potential (presyn cell) 2. Interneurons a. Process info and are found in the brain and spinal cord b. The postsyn cell receives a PSP which turns into an action potential 3. Motor Neurons a. Issue the commands b. It receives a postsynaptic potential and create an action potential 4. Generator potential is a graded potential meaning that if we don’t get enough a signal then will not produce an AP iv. Resting potential 1. Picture 2 2. when we have different ions at different equilibriums potassium wants to be at -92mv and sodium wants to be at +55mV. 3. More permeable toward potassium. 4. at resting potential there is a lot of potassium inside the cell. The proteins have a negative charge which help them pull the potassium back. 5.
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Midterm 1 Review - I. II. Nervous system I and II: NS...

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