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Anthropological perspective - Anthropological perspective...

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Anthropological perspective What are the three components of the anthropological perspective? Explain the meaning and significance of each component. Why does Luke say that the second two emerge from the first? How does the anthropological perspective separate anthropology from the other social science? How does anthropological perspective relate to participant-observation? (What’s that?) How does this perspective distinguish modern-day anthropology from 19 th century anthropology? Holistic perspective, Holistic perspective in cultural anthropology, it means it is trying to fit together all that is known about human beings. Holism refer to an analysis of a society as a whole which refuses to break society into component This distinctive feature of anthropology forces us to look at multiple variables and see human problems in their historical, economic, and cultural contexts. This conceptual orientation reminds us that the various parts of a socio-cultural system are interconnected and therefore a change in one part of the system is likely to cause changes in other parts. The holistic perspective also encourages us to look at problems in terms of both the short run and the long run. Anthropology is distinct because of its focus on the interconnections and interdependence of all aspects of the human experience in all places and times-both biological and cultural, past and present. It is this holistic perspective that best equips anthropological to broadly address that elusive phenomenon we call human nature. The holistic perspective also helps anthropologist stay keenly aware of ways that their own culture’s perspective and social values may influence their research. As the old saying goes, people often see what they believe, rather than what appears before their eyes. By maintaining a critical awareness of their own assumptions about human nature-checking and rechecking the ways their beliefs and actions might be shaping their research-anthropologists strive to gain objective knowledge about people. Anthropologists help us to understand the diversity of human thoughts, biology, and behavior, as well as our understanding of the many things humans have in common. Anthropology is a comparative science that the goal is arriving a pattern of similarities
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Anthropological perspective - Anthropological perspective...

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